World Of Warcraft – Is It Too Late To Start Playing?

World of Warcraft is one of those games that always strive to push the boundaries and improve. It’s also a unique game because not a lot of titles have survived since 2004. In fact, it might very well be the only game that’s constantly updated this way. Every new update brought in something new, so the question is, should you play World of Warcraft in 2019 or not?

Quests and game world

It’s hard to define World of Warcraft as it has a plethora of quests and cool things you can do. The game does a really good job of offering you a creative set of roles and it always pushes the boundaries when it comes to quality and a great experience. The quests are always diverse, there are some fetch quests too, but everything adds up to the story. Even the side quests are always a part of the lore, which is hard to get in a game like this. And to make things even better, the title does a stellar job in regards to making newcomers feel safe as they get better.

There are numerous regions where new players can level up without worrying about high -level players killing them. And there are tons of ways you can accumulate experience and improve, which is nice. Playing with friends is always a great idea, and the gameplay itself really shines when it comes to delivering the quality and attention to detail that you always wanted here. Highlevel gameplay is always fun and the raids themselves are super well done with lots of great detail.

Story and lore

It’s hard to summarize World of Warcraft’s story without writing pages over pages. But what we like about it is that every expansion added to it and you always have some new piece of lore that you can try out and enjoy. It’s something overly creative and fun, which you should consider checking out and giving a try as it’s super interesting. You really feel the powerful lore and unique story elements driving you to finish quests so you see what happens next.

Visuals and sounds

For a very long time, World of Warcraft tried to improve its visuals and honestly, it looks really well. The game does an amazing job at offering you numerous creative decisions and you will love the attention to detail in every location. Dungeons are scary, you have tons of amazing creatures, and the monuments or buildings themselves are super impressive. There’s a lot to enjoy in every location, and that’s why you should totally check it out and see how you enjoy it and what can be improved here.

Is it World of Warcraft worth playing? Of course, this is one of the deepest and most comprehensive MMO experiences out there. The lore and story are amazing, the gameplay holds up even today and you will like how interesting the entire game experience really is. Sure some things could be better, but this still shows that a game like World of Warcraft has a role in the gaming spectrum even today!

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