What Is Time? – Does the Past Exist? (2019)

What is time

I was sitting around the house the other day and it dawned on me. How do we know What Is Time? or the past actually exist? Yes, I mean a second ago. The 30 seconds it has taken you to read this so far.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. This is silly, of course, the past exists, I lived it. But did you? The only moment you can be sure of is now. Not that now, but right now. I could keep going on and on because by the time you read what I have typed it’s a new now.

You exist now the past is gone and all you have is a memory of it, or do you. Is our memory as good as we think it is? The short answer is no. For more information on this Popular Science wrote an article about how bad your memory actually is.

However, this article is not about your memory its about the past. So regardless of what you remember is it a real memory?


OK so were walking along and we’re thinking about the past and how it has affected our lives so far. The only problem is what if and that’s the point of this article, what if everything you remember is a set up to the current moment. It’s an implant so to speak so that time can start literally now! Two seconds ago is just part of the memory that has been inserted to ease you into accepting the now. All of your past, the memory of your kids being born, your first wedding, and all the loss of loved ones may have been fabricated as an implant or written like a story and crammed into your head so that you can think that you actually lived life up until now.

Why would it make sense to do this? I never said this would be rational…

All that we see or seem Is but a dream within a dream.”


What About Now?

To put it more complicated I’ll go so far as to say how do you know now exist. I mean that now is now the past and we don’t know if that exists. Earlier I said all we have is this moment but do we? Maybe now is an event that we are “living” that’s part of the memory that’s being created as the implanted memory of yourself in the future. I mean if the memory is so vivid who is to say the preparation for the memory itself can’t be lived. Either way, in the end, or in time (see what I did there?) who is living life? The person that is remembering or the memory itself?

I could go down this rabbit hole forever but really I just wanted to bring up a few points that would get you thinking about your reality. Again, what is time? Does it exist? Who knows maybe this thought experiment will start a whole new universe of its own!

Thanks for reading! Please leave a comment below and tell me what you think of this article or any crazy what-if’s you can think of!

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