Sneak a peek into the brand new 2020 Ford Explorer

2020 Ford Explorer

Let’s take a sneak a peek into the brand new 2020 Ford Explorer. Ever since man’s quest of exploring far off landscapes has come into existence, the desire to inventing new and better means of cruising has taken over the mad scientists of the automotive world. From trend-setting roadsters to mind-boggling sports cars, every new automotive has harbingered a new era of off-road traveling for the drivers and passengers alike. To maintain its tradition of mesmerizing its fans with brand new creations every year, Ford has taken a plunge to introduce a highly practical and intimidating 2020 Ford Explorer. Here is all we know about its upcoming features and news so far:

2020 Ford Explorer Exterior – Intimidating

It would not be wrong to speculate that North America’s diversified terrains and climate has spurred the thought of reinventing an all-in-one explorer explicitly designed for traveling. Keeping that in mind, Canada’s ever loved Ford Explorer is up for a stunning reiteration in the upcoming year. The 2020 Ford Explorer is designed to exude confidence and character in every possible manner. From an upgraded interior to the introduction of multiple trims, there is so much more to love in the new 2020 Ford Explorer than we had expected.

Built For Cruises

For those of you who carry a heart made for traveling, Ford has introduced an SUV designed specifically for traveling. As its name indicates, the 2020 Ford Explorer is a complete package to take you on a cruise you have always imagined of experiencing. Once you are on the driver’s seat, a whole new world of technological innovation and uplifted aesthetics divulges right in front of your sight. From the Diamond perforated leather upholstery to the precision-engineered central console, the car is laden with brand new amenities in every corner.

Furthermore, we have a rotary gear shift dial, and a hexagon carbon-fiber lined dashboard, the car is all about exuding confident styling. The interior has a cargo capacity of 87.8 cubic meters and a seven-seat design.

Lets Talk Drivetrain – Stunning

Ford has taken a step forward to introduce a diversified range of trims featuring two motors to pick from. We have the Base model, the XLT and Limited edition models bestridden with a 2.3 liter EcoBoost engine which revs at a stunning 300 hp. As for the Platinum model, you can get a 3.0 liter EcoBoost V6 engine which revs at a 365 Hp under the hood. However, one similar element in the drivetrain of both trims is the 10-speed automatic transmission system, which is integrated with the immediate responsiveness of SelectShift.

2020 Ford Explorer Technology, It’s Futuristic

Speaking of the new technology embedded in this incredible SUV, we have some prominent upgrades which perfectly match the demeanor of this cruiser made to rule the roads. An all-new driver assistance control is now integrated with Ford Co-Pilot Assist Plus. Other leading innovations include Adaptive Cruise control, Evasive Steering Assist, Active Park and Reverse Brake Assist and a Speed Sign recognition system.

Currently, the 2020 Ford Explorer is marked at a starting price label of $36,675.

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