Personal Story – My Life As A Server.

Personal Story

My Personal Story

It all started back in the ’70s, that’s when I wanted a double scoop of chocolate mint chip ice cream. My mother worked at the front desk and I would beg her for money for the ice cream. My mother told me I would have to earn it so she asked her boss if there was something I could do to earn money. This hotel was a very nice establishment. It had a nice restaurant, plenty of rooms, and a beautiful pool.

The owner of the hotel finally gave in and let me bus tables for extra money. I thought I struck it rich considering I was only 12 years of age. Customers would see me cleaning tables off and ask me my age then turn around and give me money for cleaning the server’s tables. Some of the customers would feel sorry for me and give me more money because of how young I was at the time.

All I needed was .93 cents if I made more money, I would give the rest to my mother. My mother was a hard-working single mom raising 2 kids by herself. Life wasn’t very kind to her. This is what started my future on being a server it was fast and good money, at times.

Making Life Work As A Teenager

As I was in high school my junior and senior year I started serving at a “mom and pop” place. A great little place that all the locals would come in with their families or lonely widows. This was in the ’80s, and I would make $75.00 to $100.00 per night. This was good money for a teenager my age, plus it would also help my mother out on bills.

I truly found my passion for working with all different kinds of people. I learned new things about life and met many different people from all walks of life. Serving eventually took me into bar-tending and serving alcohol. I was working with single moms and listening to different stories and how life brought them into the business.

life Goes On

As I have grown older, I realize I have spent my whole life in the service industry. I have raised 2 girls on a server and bartender pay. Now I manage a restaurant. I watch single mom’s who are servers struggle on some nights because their tips are low. The pay for a server is still the same as it was when I served which is $2.13 an hour.

These single moms depend on those tips to feed their kids, to pay the rent, and even buy gas to get to work. I have listened and held a server when a customer has cussed them because their food was wrong, or the drinks didn’t come out fast enough. Also, I have also consoled a server that cried to me because her table asked for another server because she was the wrong color. I could go on. I’m pretty sure you have got the idea that servers work not only to make tips but also to make the customer happy. Plenty of servers have laid in their bed to relax and wondered if table 22 had gotten that extra side of ranch or if table 53 had gotten their tea refilled.

Always On the Go

The life of a server is “run and go” as fast as you can to make the customers as happy as possible. You must multi-task with a smile on your face and make sure you did your server etiquette properly. When serving you must take the bad with the good, all while knowing they chose this job. Understand that everyone is going through their own personal battle so take a deep breath before you belittle your server or you don’t tip them because of kitchen error.

Remember servers are people just like you and I. They have feelings, and most are giving all of their best. Just think if it wasn’t for these hard-working servers, how are you going to go out and eat? Everyone likes to go out and relax, have a meal cooked for them, and conversate with family and friends. Be kind when going out to eat. If possible make sure you enjoy yourself and your server. Treat others on how you want to be treated, sit back relax, and let your server handle everything.

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