Importance Of Family In Modern Society

Importance of family

The Importance Of Family

Things have changed in this modern world with the advancement of technology the culture and norms are changing with it. There are new ways of communication thanks to the internet and it seems like the Importance of family has lost its place but it has certainly not! No matter how things change family will always hold its place in one way or another.

The definition may have changed but the importance of family still remain. In the past family was defined as man and wife together with their children. A grandparent or an uncle could be included in the family too. But it seems this practice died in the 1950s the definition of There are new ways of communication thanks to the internet and it seems like the Importance of family has lost its place but it has certainly not! No matter how things were just man and wife plus the siblings for the better part of the 20th century.

A Modern Definition Of Family.

The definition of the term family in the 21st century is kind of more inclusive. It might be two parents of any gender married or not. Some families have even 3 parents. The children may be by both parents and if the parents can’t get children, they can adopt too.

The benefits Of Being In A Healthy Family.

This modern life puts more pressure in our lives, time is limited, there are more problems and being in a healthy family is important now than ever. If you are in a family that is very supportive, handling the day to day activities will be easier and you will not have to face them alone anyway. Being in a family has hundreds of benefits and in this article, we will discuss some of those benefits.

Helps Meet Basic Needs For Those Who Cannot Provide For Themselves.

As a long as one is a member of a family the other members feel obliged with helping him or her with the basic needs that he can’t provide for himself. For example, if there is a member of the family who is disabled or too old get basic needs like food and water, the other members of the family will be able to help him or she meets those needs.

A Feeling Of Belonging.

There is nothing one needs more than that feeling of belonging. It is very crucial for everybody. A long time ago when Abraham Maslow created that diagram called the hierarchy of needs he placed love, security and belonging as the most essential things that human beings need in life.

Well, when you are a member of a family you are definitely going to get that for free. Families are full of love and no matter how many fights you have with the members of the family you will still be having that feeling that you belong together. And when you have those three essential things your life is definitely going to improve and you will live a happier life.

Financial Security.

As long as you are living in a loving and healthy family which most families are anyway, you are guaranteed financial security. You cannot suffer financially when the members of your family are having more than enough money because they will definitely help you out. To start with, families work together and contributes to paying bills and meeting other needs. Second, the parents teache the children on how to earn and manage their money when they become of age so that when their time comes they can be even more successful than the parents. That’s something any parent loves seeing and when the parents become probably too old and can’t take care of themselves, the children will chip in and help them out.

More Happiness And Satisfaction.

When you are in a family you will be sure that you have some people who can listen to you when you badly need someone to listen to you or even better when you have some great news that you want to share with people. And when it comes to having fun together, the family will plan vacations together and they can go out have some fun time. Whatever is done in a family everyone is usually included and they share passionate moments together giving one more happiness and satisfaction. Those people who have access to a family each and every day will have more joy compared to those who do not.

Who Is There When There Is No One Else?

The simple answer is your family. We all have those hard times that you feel like life has become very hard and probably it is not worth living anymore. We all have been there but when you talk to your mom for example even without mentioning what is wrong she will definitely find out that something is not right and will help you see reason.

And even if you don’t talk to no one, when you are a part of a healthy family just the thought of leaving them alone and how they will be sad is enough to make you reconsider your decision. That unconditional, love from the family is very powerful and it will definitely make you reconsider your decision. But for those who don’t really have a family they can count on, they can be very prone to suicide. Actually, most people who commit suicide commit because they feel there is nothing more left to live for. But when you are a part of a family you will always have something to live for.

Family Helps Build An Ideal Society.

A healthy family is a perfect example of how the entire society. A father, mother, and children who work together in order to build a better future. If one member of the family fails then the fact is the whole family will affect. The good name that the family has will be ruined the actions of that one person. Family is the principal key to any society and if every family is perfect, then we will have a perfect society.

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