Gaming Facts – Showing the Importance of Gaming!

gaming facts

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It’s always exciting to learn more about videogames, and there are tons of gaming facts out there. People don’t really know, but gaming is becoming a huge industry, much more important than many others. It surpasses the movie industry in some ways, and the interaction it delivers is unprecedented. With that in mind, here are some facts to show you the importance of gaming.

  • The average gamer age is actually 35. While a lot of people consider gamers to be very young, that’s not true. There are also lots of gamers who are over 40, 50 or even 60. In short, age doesn’t really matter if you want to be a gamer.
  • Some of the top streamers on Twitch are making $300000 per year or even more than that.
  • Around 39% of the free to play gamers either participate in or just watch esports. That means they are very passionate about the games they play, even if those games are free.
  • 51% of Americans have a console in their home. In fact, most of them actually have 2 consoles, and not one.

Gaming Facts – Showing the Importance of Gaming!

  • Sonic Hedgehog the game actually inspired the name of a gene in the human body named SHH right after the character. This gene is assuring us that organs and limbs grow the way they are supposed to.
  • Surgeons that play video games operate 27% faster and they also make 37% fewer mistakes. That goes to show videogames are very helpful and they can improve skills, especially when it comes to speed and accuracy.
  • Rockstar games actually paid for the negative press at one point. That’s because they were getting only positive reviews and some would think that they were fake. So they actually paid for negative reviews, which is so interesting and strange at the same time.
  • Xbox was originally named the DirectX Box, mostly after the graphics API created by Microsoft named DirectX.
  • In some Chinese penitentiaries, some prisoners were clocking out 12 hours shifts to make money for the Chinese prison. There were around 100k gold farmers at one point, a testament to the uniqueness of this experience.
  • It’s said that gamers can actually have dreams where they have some sort of control. They are already trained to immerse themselves into worlds and take actions, so their dreams bring in a little bit more control.
  • 68% of mobile device owners over 13 are actually playing games. Let’s face it, not only kids play games on a mobile device, most of them are either teenage or adult.


As you can see, these gaming facts show the true importance of gaming and just how powerful it really is at this time. Gaming is constantly trying to find new. Creative ways to push the boundaries and it evolves in masterful ways here. That really pushes the boundaries when it comes to quality and shows that we can learn a lot from games too. We can improve our skills, become better people, and in the end, it just pays off big time.

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