Final Fantasy VII Remake Promises the Definitive FFVII Experience

Final Fantasy VII Remake

One of the most hotly anticipated games of 2020 is a familiar title. Final Fantasy VII Remake is the game people have dreamed about since the original release back in 1997. Promising lavish graphics and a style that would make itself right at home in Atlus’ catalog of games, Final Fantasy VII Remake will probably give Cyberpunk 2077 a run for its money as the biggest title of 2020.

Of course, fans of the original worry about any changes that are being implemented in the remake and that’s understandable. Nonetheless, while changes are coming, what we’ve heard so far doesn’t sound like anything that will upset fans of the original. That said, here’s what we do know about the Final Fantasy VII Remake in broad terms.

How It Will Be Released.

Probably the biggest revelation about the game was that it would be released episodically. Whether this means that the game will finish up on the PlayStation 4 and then also have ports on the upcoming PS5 or not is unknown but we do know that the full story will not be present in the first game released. For some, this is a bit of a bummer and that’s understandable. For others, the thought that Final Fantasy VII will have this much content in its remake incarnation is just one more reason to be thankful to be alive right now.

Another salient feature that Square has detailed is the dual combat systems on offer in FFVII Remake. As any cursory viewing of a trailer will show, the battle system appears to be a sped-up version of Final Fantasy XV’s epic active combat.

Final Fantasy VII Remake

Along Time Coming!

Given that FFVII Remake is the rebirth of a twenty-something-year-old game, those that played the original, but have not experienced FFXV, might feel isolated by this new style which some have likened to a game version of the film Final Fantasy VII Advent Children. For those gamers, there will be a classic fighting mode that transforms the intense action-packed combat of the Remake into a turn-based, classic JRPG like what we had on the PSX long ago.

The devs explained in a tweet, “In standard modes, the ATB Gauge fills up by repeatedly attacking your enemy, but in Classic Mode this aspect of gameplay is handled automatically. The player does not need to do anything and the character fights automatically, charging up their ATB Gauge. …In the original #FinalFantasy VII, you would wait around until the ATB Gauge fills up, and then select a move to initiate your attack. With Classic Mode in #FF7R, the team has re-created the same style of play!”

Final Fantasy VII

What results is a mixture of the best of both worlds with combat that is defined by its emulation of anime and manga but hewing closely to what classic gamers expect. Additionally, it means that older gamers shouldn’t feel isolated by the Remake and can even give it a shot with some confidence knowing that they have multiple play options.

Bringing Back Some Favorites.

TechRadar and others report that Final Fantasy VII Remake won’t just have classic mechanics on offer but will also bring back such favorites as the quintessential summon system and materia though it isn’t clear how the latter will work. For those of us who played the first game until we wore it out, it is no mystery why the materia system might need some tweaking. In its original guise, it could very well break the game and we doubt Square will port that quirk over to the new title. Summons are expected to function in much the same way as they do in Final Fantasy XV – with some differences, naturally – and they promise to be as epic as ever. Again, FFVII was not only a game about battle mechanics and summons but also secrets.

Final Fantasy VII Remake

As for whether or not there will be secret summons and materia as in the original, you can almost bet your life that there will be among others. On that note, Square’s devs have promised a faithful, if changed, experience for those of us that have played FFVII countless times. That means that major plot highlights will be present and account for while new elements will make an appearance in what could result in a slightly different plot altogether.

Fans of anime and manga will be familiar with this conceit as creators often revisit primary material and re-release it in a new format years after the original’s debut. One fan favorite that has not aged as well according to the times is Don Corneo, the lecherous under city mafioso that Square promises will be making an appearance in the new game.

From that well, we have also drawn confirmation that FFVII will not shy away from the more awkward, quirky moments that made the original such a beloved game. We’re talking about Cloud crossdressing and we suspect the Golden Saucer dating game will be making a comeback as well.

Some Things Are Uncertain…

What is uncertain is how this will appear and how the series will be divvied up. Given that the Remake will span multiple games, Square promises to take advantage of this format and really stuff each installment with a surplus of content. What fans expect (or, at least, pray for) is that this results in an almost encyclopedic, exhaustive experience but there’s no clarity on that yet.

There’s little doubt that the first installment will sell like wild so it is mysterious why Square hasn’t offered more information about the exact plans for releasing the new games. Many on the Internet have noted, however, that Sony’s planned PS5 backward compatibility basically ensures that the release of FFVII Remake games faces few speed bumps on its road to success and, we have to agree, it bodes well for the completion of the project.

Another aspect that remains relatively unknown is how much variance there will be between games or whether they will all tie together into one cohesive whole. We expect the latter though, knowing Square, some people would not be shocked if they approached it the same way they did the varied FFXIII experience.

The easiest route would likely be a core game that shares mechanics across installments but packs more and more content into each release which basically means that, at its core, the game doesn’t change. But how Square does it remains to be seen. Hopefully, it all works out and other classics in the series, such as Final Fantasy VI, can get a rebirth in the future.

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