Hello! Welcome to Try Not To Follow! This is a simple entertainment/informative blog site.  It was started about a year ago and it is on the fast track in becoming a well-oiled machine.  On my page, you will find a variety of topics, but it is centered on gaming.  I want to bring you the best information available on all topics gaming from Xbox And Playstation games to the current news on topics about the latest events happening in the gaming world.  I’m sure you have noticed that from time to time I get off-topic with posts on animals and various biographies, my fictional stories, and even car reviews.  These are all passions of mine and I try not to limit myself.  I made this page to have fun and share what I love.  I mainly focus on gaming so if that’s why you’re here then we got you covered!

And Just So You Know And Are Aware

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I’m Christopher Harvey and I am the creator of TNTFollow.com.  I am from Texas and love to do all kinds of activities from fishing to reading and gaming.  One of my passions is creative writing, so along with my blog post, I also have fictional stories that I am currently working on.  Please check them out and feel free to give me your honest opinion! My main job title is “Sales Professional” at Mclarty Ford in Texarkana, TX. That’s a fancy way of saying I sell cars. My goal is to be able to make this website a full-time situation. I like my job and it has been good to me, but my passion in life is writing and I want to be able to share TnTFollow.com with the world.

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As I stated before. My goal is to be able to share with the world some of my passions and ideas. I really truly love doing this and very much enjoy writing on various topics. I hope that I am able to share with you what I have learned and if possible introduce these ideas to people who may not have been aware of how great they really are!

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